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Temporary Help Services Supplier Module Login

Qualified Offerors will be granted access to the THS Online System by the Standing Offer Authority to input weekly price revision rates. Offerors are solely responsible for inputting the rates into the THS Online System. Reasonable efforts are made to provide Qualified Offerors with full access to the web-based THS Online System from Monday through Sunday to input their weekly price revision in accordance with the provisions set out in the Standing Offer. Due to technical or other errors, omissions or failures, the system may from time to time be unavailable or taken offline for system maintenance without further notice. Offerors are encouraged to input their weekly price revision during normal government operations Monday through Friday, and no later than Friday at 2PM EST or EDT excluding Statutory Holidays in the province of Quebec, in order to seek technical support should it be required. In the event the Offeror fails to input weekly price revisions for the week, the rates from the preceding week will be carried forward. Offeror(s) unable to honor the rates for the week, may in writing request the Standing Offer Authority to set-aside the Standing Offer until the next opportunity to input a weekly price revision into the THS Online System.

Temporary Help Services (THS) are services that are provided by a supplier's employee.  There are only three situations in which Temporary Help Services can be used by Designated Users to fulfill their requirements:

  1. When a public servant is absent for a temporary period of time;
  2. When there is a requirement for additional staff during a temporary workload increase, in which there is an insufficient number of public servants available to meet the requirement; or
  3. A position is vacant and staffing action is being completed.

All other requirement needs should not be fulfilled under Temporary Help Services Standing Offers or Supply Arrangements.

For information on the qualification process, communicate by e-mail to


The Supplier's representative, who has the right to have access to the Temporary Help Services database:

  • they are the only one who will modify the rates on behalf of their employer;
  • they will follow the rules identified in the Supplier User Guide and the Operations Protocol;
  • they will safeguard their username and password; and
  • they will advise Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), by e-mail, any changes to the super user (name, telephone number, fax number, etc).